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Building a Data Stack: Amazon Athena + Chartio

We are excited to announce that Chartio supports Amazon Athena, an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Read more about the integration announcement in this blog post.

Getting Fancy with Chartio’s new Advanced Data Pipeline

With the Advanced Data Pipeline, we brought the aspects of the Data Explorer you know, and transformed it to do more. Now, visualizing your data workflow is easier, and you get more power by being able to do multiple merges.

Chartio's New Data Stores Flip ETL on its Head

Introducing Data Stores, a better way to store and transform data, making it possible to skip ETL and data warehousing. Data Stores simply ETL itself, using the Data Pipeline UI to rapidly layer in summary or rollup tables.

Embed Chartio Dashboards in Your Applications

We're announcing Chartio embedded dashboards: a solution for sharing data outside your company.

New Data Pipeline Step Allows You to Create a Histogram

With the release of a new Data Pipeline step, it allows you to create a histogram in only a few clicks. Learn how it works.

New Releases - Dashboard Title Bar and Variables Updates

Read our news releases and improvements in the dashboard title bar, hidden variables, new input widget and dashboard variables in query mode.

PDF exports improved

If you're exporting PDFs from your Chartio dashboards or from individual charts, you'll find our PDFs are now better-looking and more reliable. We've made improvements to our PDFs and exports are now truer to the web originals.

We've improved CSV imports in Chartio

Chartio's CSV import tool was already easy to use, but we've made improvements to help you finish imports faster. Read more about the updates.

Chartio Introduces Custom Dashboard Themes

Make Chartio your own. With that, we've added a theme editor, enabling customers to create a theme that suits your company branding colors or personal preference. Read more about custom dashboard themes.

New Releases - Dashboard Variables, Filter rows, and more

Read our new Chartio feature releases include improved global filters, a new step to the data pipeline, arranging charts and a shortcut to running queries.

New Releases - Rotate values, Single Value Indicator + more

We’re constantly working to improve Chartio. Read our news releases and improvements around single value indicators, grouping and rotate values.

Introducing the Data Pipeline

We're constantly working to improve Chartio. Today we've released our new architecture and interface for exploring and analyzing data in Chartio. It's called the Data Pipeline, enabling users to further analyze their data.

New Releases - Export Chart as SVG, Row Totals, CSV Reports

We're constantly working to improve Chartio. We're excited to announce improvements in CSV reports, exporting charts as SVGs and totals table setting.

New location chart types - maps and bubble maps!

We’re constantly working to improve Chartio. Read about our latest feature release: Maps and Bubble Maps. Now you can visualize all your geographical data.

Bubble Plots

Bubble plot charts are similar to scatter plots but also allow you to compare data by the size of the bubble. Read about our new chart type.

View Your Favorite Dashboards and Activity Feed

Chartio is launching a new view of your organization. With Chartio, you can now favorite dashboards for quick access and see team activity.

Data Source Settings - New and Improved!

A major focus for Chartio is helping to manage data connections. With that we've updated your data source settings page for better navigation. Continue reading to learn more about this data sources update in Chartio.

Improved Search in Chart Creator

We're constantly listening to your feedback. In this release we've improved the search function within the Chart Creator in Chartio.

Meet Your Personal Chartio Teammate

Today, we're adding another layer of dedicated support for our customers by building assistance directly into the app with Chartio Teammates.

Sign in with Google

Starting today, Google Apps users can log into Chartio accounts with their Google accounts. We have added the Sign in with Google button as an option on every authentication page. Get started with your Google account in Chartio.