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Becoming Data-Driven with Self-Serve Analytics at

Learn how has streamlined their data stack and enabled actionable analytics resulting in 30x time savings.

Udemy is Mastering the Shift to On-Demand Data Platforms

In the last five years, we’ve seen a big change in the way companies are using data. It’s a shift from information silos, where data is stuck within disparate applications, to a world of on-demand data services. In that new world, everyone has access to the insights they need, based on a common data set.

Chartio + Tray: How Apollo broadens accessibility and visibility of key metrics

Apollo, the GraphQL company, offers a family of open-source technologies that provide mission-critical infrastructure for leading startups and enterprises such as The New York Times, Ticketmaster, and AirBnB. In this post, Andrew Park from explains how Apollo uses their data stack -, Segment, Amazon Redshift and Chartio - to take complex pools of data and use them to create insightful visualizations that offer immediate, actionable insights.

Serving Up Data to Get Real-Time Sales Insights

With increased competition and daily operations, Good Food Guys is leveraging data to learn about their customers and make informed decisions. Watch the video to learn how they are serving up data to get real-time insights.