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Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Lead? The Status of VC Funding

Is the distribution of Venture Capital funding across the U.S. changing? We take a look at early VC funding rounds and where they are located.

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Data Warehouse

In this article, learn exactly what a data warehouse is and most importantly, how to select the right data warehouse for your company.

Will 2018 Be a Good Year to Raise Funds?

Some historical trends tend to indicate whether or not there is VC funding money out there to be won. we dug into the data to determine whether or not the S&P and other market indicators are correlated to funding availability.

Buffalo Winter Weather: is it Really That Cold?

Is it really that cold in Buffalo, New York? In this blog post, our Data Evangelist put that question to the test with the help of some data.

The Gap Between Household Incomes and the Cost of a Home

Is the price of purchasing a home in the United States skyrocketing? We dug through the median income and home cost data to find out if this trends was true or false, broken down by state. Read what we uncovered from the data.

Normal Distributions and Their Abnormal Occurrence

If a collection of data is normally distributed we’ll see the results show on a bell curve, and that bell curve won’t require any manipulation of data. Read more to find out how a bell curve and a real curve compare.

Finding Marketing ROI Through Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is useful and delivers unique insights. In this post, learn how marketers can apply cohort analysis as part of their strategy.

Dashboards Explained: Operational, Strategic and Analytical

While data has been seen as an overly complicated entity, dashboards don’t have to be. In this blog post learn the differences between operational, strategic and analytical dashboards. Learn how to pick the right dashboard.

Operational Use Cases for Analytics

From predictive analytics to customer analytics, learn the how a data analytics solution can transform your business data into insights.

The Difference Between Reporting and Analytics

While it's not always clear, there's a difference between reporting and analytics. Reporting and analytics are not synonymous. In this blog post, learn the differences, use cases and best practices for reporting and analytics.

Building a Data Stack: An Overview on Google BigQuery

Get an overview on Google BigQuery the petabyte-scale and cloud-based data warehouse from Google. This blog post will cover concurrency, throughput, security, data operations and cost for Google BigQuery. Read to learn more.

Building a Data Stack: An Overview on Amazon Redshift

Get an overview on Amazon Redshift, the petabyte-scale and cloud-based data warehouse from AWS. This blog post will cover concurrency, throughput, security, data operations and cost for Amazon Redshift. Read to learn more.

Calculating Your Data Warehouse Cost

As data becomes more voluminous, accessible and cost efficient—businesses must leverage data for their advantage. Learn how to calculate the cost of popular data warehouse solutions including Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.

An Overview on Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery Security

In this blog post, we cover features that Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery provide to manage data warehouse security for their customers.

Warehouse Maintenance: Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery

Examine the differences in how cloud-based Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery perform maintenance on their cloud-based systems, which is often seen as a point of contention for many users. Read about the differences.

How to Load Data into Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery

In this blog post, examine how data warehouses Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery handle how data loads, its speed, accessibility, and more.

How Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery Handle Provisioning

Data warehouses, like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery, are meant to handle a large volume of data. Read this blog post as we examine how Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery handle data provisioning.

Impact of Throughput and Concurrency on Your Data Warehouse

In this blog post, we discuss throughput and concurrency on your data warehouse and the impact it has on your ability to run analyses.

Using Data to Understand Metrics

An integral part of a Data Scientists role is to use data to inform and influence the direction of your company by making sense of data and answering questions. Learn how to use data to understand business metrics for success.

How to Align Data with Business Strategies

Data plays a critical role in running a business. Sometimes, it can be difficult to turn technical aptitude into business insights. The secret is aligning data with strategies, learn how to align business and data strategies.