Adding Global Filters to Query Mode Charts

This feature has been updated to work as Dashboard Variables, read our documentation to learn about the latest product changes.

Global filters have long been a favorite feature for many of our customers, but they
were initially limited to charts created in interactive mode.
We're really excited to announce the ability to connect the charts in query mode to global filters.

What is a global filter in Chartio? Put simply, it's a single interactive filter
that can control common parameters for as many charts on a dashboard as you'd like.

How to create query mode charts connected to global filters

Writing SQL queries that connect to global filters is as easy as copy
and paste. When you switch to query mode on the chart creator, you'll see
a handy list of global filters that are available to you on the dashboard. (The following examples
are taken from our sample Boatio dashboard, a fake company that rents boats.)

Global Filter Choices

Once you select the global filter to filter by in your query
you'll see a query snippet for that global filter. You'll notice that
the syntax changes slightly depending on the type of global filter and the
type of your data source.

Global Filter Date

Global Filter Category

You can paste the snippet into your SQL query in the WHERE clause. Be sure
to replace the col_name with the name of the column you want to filter by.

Adding col name to global filter

Combining multiple global filters is easy too. Just paste in each snippet
for each of the global filters and combine them with AND or OR.

Combining global filters

That's it, you're all set! You can save the chart and start using your
global filters on your query mode chart.

Global filter dashboard

You can read more about this in our excellent

Please give this feature a try and let us know what you think!