Dashboard and Data Source Level Access Controls

We've been working hard on a giant project to improve all of our settings, and provide more granular data and dashboard access controls in Chartio and are excited to make it available to you today!  There are a few major components to this release, so let me walk you through them.

More Granular Permissions

Where previously, access to a user could only be granted to an entire project, you can now assign a chosen access level to specific dashboards and data sources.  This enables superior control, collaboration, and organization.


For example, before if you were to add a new user to your Chartio project you would have to decide whether they were an Admin, Creator or Viewer for the entire project.  Now, you can decide that they are able to Edit several dashboards, administer a few data sources, but are not allowed to view some of the others.

With these more granular controls you can make your own private dashboards, as a sandbox for information only relevant to you or charts that are in the process of being completed.


On top of the granular permissions, we've created the concept of Teams in order to better organize and assign these permissions.  You can now specify groups representing for example your Marketing, Sales, Engineering groups, as separate teams and grant access to all of those users as a group.

Access Migration

The large nature of the project resulted in quite a migration.  We've automatically generated teams for you based on the users in your organization with the same permission levels.  You'll have an Admin, Creator, and Viewer team for each of your projects.  Everyone is ensured to have the exact same access to all of the parts of your Chartio project as they did before this migration.

If you had many projects, this migration likely resulted in a lot of new teams.  We've been reaching out to many of you in this scenario to offer our support in helping to better organize those teams.

If you haven't yet heard from us and want some help cleaning things up, please be sure to reach out to us at Support.


You've probably noticed by now that the new controls also come with a fresh design to all settings pages. The designs are by our new designer who has done a nice job of maintaining a great aesthetic while prioritizing the organization and simplicity of the settings.

Pretty URLs

We took our move away from project based permissions as an opportunity to bring more identity to individual dashboards and pretty up our URLs. Previously they were fairly ugly, containing our system IDs of the project and dashboard. They now simply use the company name and a slug of the dashboard name. In short, URLs that used to look like this


now looks like this


Going Forward

On a somewhat related note you can see from our About Us page that we've more than doubled our team size in the last four months. Most of that growth has been in our Engineering and Customer Success teams, ensuring that you will continue to see great improvements like these in the product at an even more rapid pace.

We'd love to hear your feedback.