Cloning Layers

After enabling cloning charts and tracking the usage (using Chartio of course!), we realized that it's really common to start with a chart you like and make a clone to tweak it slightly. Once our customers had tasted the power of cloning charts, they wanted more. With data-hungry power users in mind, we've enabled the cloning of chart layers today.

Chart layers are a powerful way to compare results from different queries and even different data sources, and they just got a little easier to use. We found many times that layers were nearly identical with only small changes to filter values.

How to Clone Layers

Cloning a chart layer is as simple as clicking on the 'Clone' button within an existing dataset.

Clone chart

After clicking, you'll see a new layer created and everything gets copied over: dimensions, measures, filters and manually added queries if applicable.

Clone chart

We hope this makes creating interesting charts easier than ever. Happy charting! As always, be sure to contact us if you have other requests at