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Off the Charts: Startups, Data and Fundraising - an Interview with Amanda Kattan

Amanda Kattan, a data and finance consultant with over a decade of investing and operating experience, shares her insights about what startups can do to set themselves up for data-driven success. She shows us how startups can get ahead with the right data stack, fundraising process, and the organizational metrics that best represent their business.

Chat with Charts - Chartio now shares to Slack

At Chartio, we’re always looking for ways to JOIN people ON data and today we’re happy to announce that now we’re joining people on data through Slack! Sharing and communication is vital to any data driven organization and now through Slack, it’s easier than ever to share data with the right people.

Chartio Best Practice: User and Team Management

User management in Chartio becomes increasingly important as the number of users grows in your Chartio account. Find out our best practices for team and user management.

Zero Downtime and Chart Gorillas

You may have noticed (or more likely no longer notice) that Chartio has had less and less downtime for deploys. It’s not that we’re not doing releases - we’re doing more than ever - but we’ve slowly been reducing the reasons for needing any downtime in the deploy. Find out more about our zero downtime.

Pretty URLs and Chart Series Focus

We’ve been releasing a lot of features lately and often just move on to the next one without fully writing about it.  I wanted to take a second to highlight two fairly minor but quite nice features that came out of a few customer meetings recently.  Learn about dashboard urls and chart series focus.

Chartio Best Practice: Foreign Keys in Chartio

Foreign keys are the way to use two different tables from the same schema, together. This post will highlight the three ways to use foreign keys in Chartio. This can be done in the schema page of your data source’s settings, setting foreign keys in Visual SQL, or using columns in our data pipeline to join between datasets.

Chartio Achieves AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Status

We are proud to announce that Chartio has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Digital Customer Experience Competency status. Find out what this means and how it aligns with our vision.

Off The Charts: Data for Good with Aziz Alghunaim, Co-founder and CTO of Tarjimly

In this edition of Off the Charts, an interview series where we chat with individuals doing industry-changing work in the data space, we spoke with Aziz Alghunaim, Co-founder and CTO of Tarjimly, on using data to make an impact on the world.

Chartio Receives SOC2 Type II Attestation

We are excited to announce today that we have completed our SOC 2 Type II audit.

Chartio Best Practice: Dashboard Management

As the number of your users and dashboards grows in Chartio, there are a few best practices that will help with the management of your Chartio account; both from a user and from a dashboard perspective. This is a brief overview of what great practices to follow.

Chartio + Snowflake = Data for All in the Cloud

We are happy to announce that we’ve expanded our strategic partnership with Snowflake, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, by joining the Snowflake Partner Connect program! Now Snowflake customers can access Chartio directly from within their data warehouse and get to insights from their data quicker than ever.

Chartio Best Practice: How to Optimize Dashboard Performance

We hate it when our customers are facing slow loading dashboards. This can happen from a variety of reasons, but regardless, no one likes to wait for their charts to load or see errors on their dashboards. This post will walk through some best practices in Chartio that will help you make sure you’re set up for great performance.

Eliminating Duplicate Queries using Distributed Locking

With our customers relying on over 100,000 dashboards and 2,000,000 charts in Chartio to run their business, query performance is something our engineering team is very serious about. Find out one of the ways we are reducing database load by eliminating duplicate queries.

Our Automatic Cloud Data Stack Listed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the AWS Solution Space

Chartio’s Automatic Cloud Data Stack has been recognized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Data and Analytics solution and is part of the AWS Solution Space. Read more about the value of this turnkey solution for modern organizations that want quick access to data insights.

Introducing Chartio Data Advisors

Our mission at Chartio is to enable anyone in a company to explore and understand their data.  With that in mind and based on a lot of customer feedback, we just made a big shift in how we handle Customer Success at Chartio and are introducing the Data Advisor role …

Chartio Receives Top Awards in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2018 Indexes for Self-Service Business Intelligence

We are excited to announce that Chartio has been ranked #1 in all four G2 Crowd indices in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2018 Index Reports for Self-Service Business Intelligence. G2 Crowd is the leading business intelligence software review platform, where you can put the leading Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) tools in a head to head comparison.

Big Improvements for Google BigQuery Analytics with Chartio

Many of our customers use BigQuery as their data warehouse. Google’s BigQuery is an excellent option for many companies because it requires no infrastructure to manage, can store petabytes of data, and uses SQL as its query language. It also works great with Chartio! Here are some of our latest features and support for BigQuery in our Chartio product.

Introducing Alerts

Stay up-to-date without being taken away from your most important daily tasks. Read on about the launch of Chartio's new alerting feature.

April's 2018 Product Update

Let's take a more intimate look into our product momentum. Continue reading to see some of the exciting features we launched in April.

Why I Wrote Yet Another SQL Tutorial

If you haven’t yet learned SQL, know someone who’s learning, or want to brush up in our practice areas, check out the new SQL Tutorial.