Chartio Supports Twilio as a Data Source

At Chartio we recognize that your data is held in many different types of databases and data sources. A big part of any data project is gathering all that data from those many sources, so we are working hard at adding new data sources to allow you to manage, blend and visualize your data all inside of Chartio.

We received many requests from our customers to add Twilio as a data source - so we have been chatting with Twilio about a partnership and we are very excited that today we are announcing a Twilio integration so you can create dashboards and charts to view your Twilio data against your business databases. We are huge fans of Twilio and hope to introduce more exciting features for customers using Twilio.

Twilio Dashboard

A few Chartio users have been working with the Twilio integration in beta. Experience uses Twilio through their mobile application to give sports teams and venue's the ability to maximize the fan experience through upgrades and special treatment. They added Twilio SMS to simplify the upgrade process, but needed a way to keep track of the SMS data. Garrett Langley, Vice President of Experience says,

We use Twilio data to monitor total SMS sent and the error rates, and Chartio to keep an eye on that SMS data. For us, SMS is the lifeline of our business, so being able to keep an eye on our SMS success is extremely important.

Experience found that Chartio is the solution to track their SMS and continue maximizing the user's experience.

Connect to Twilio

Connecting to Twilio is easy. Simply choose Twilio as a data source from the data source connection page and you will be prompted to Sign In with your Twilio account.

Twilio Sign in

Once signed in you will have your Twilio data available with your other data sources, and you can start creating charts with your Twilio data immediately.

Twilio Chart Creator

We are very excited that our customers can add Twilio to view alongside their business databases, and to start visualizing and tracking their voice or SMS data. We are planning to add more data sources soon, so check in with the blog to see what we are adding next or let us know what data source you want to see by leaving a note at

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