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Customer Awards and State of the Chartio

Recently, we’ve hit notable milestones in our journey to JOIN people ON data. Read about our progress and what customer reviews mean to us.

GDPR Statement

On May 25th, 2018, The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will go into effect. Read about our commitment to full GDPR compliance.

Taking over the BART: Why and how we ran a metro advertising campaign in San Francisco

Read about Chartio's ad campaign at a San Francisco BART station and examine whether an advertising campaign is right for your business.

Calculate Annual Recurring Revenue with Salesforce Data

Annual Recurring Revenue is an insightful metric for SaaS businesses to track the dollar amount that comes in every year for a customer’s annual contract. Learn how to use your Salesforce data in Chartio to calculate ARR.

Hi, I’m Your Data Evangelist

Introducing our new Data Evangelist, Tim Miller. As the Data Evangelist, Tim is here to help organizations utilize the power of data.

Earth Day 2017: Offsetting Our CO2 Emissions with Segment

We've partnered with Segment and other companies to fully offset our CO2 emissions this Earth Day (April 22nd, 2017). You can do your part and donate to the Carbon Fund or any other charity and fully offset your CO2 emissions.

Chartio and Segment: Enabling Access to Customer Behavior

We're announcing our connection with Segment SQL. Work with customer event data from your applications, websites and marketing in Chartio.

Finnterning at Chartio

Learn what it's like being a data finance intern at Chartio first-hand from our very first finntern.

Little Opera and Chartio

Chartio is donating our space to Little Opera for their first ever gala to raise money for Little Opera's Scholarship and Tuition Assistance fund.

Chartio On Mobile Devices

Chartio was built to be mobile device ready. We generate your charts in SVG format, which allows them to scale perfectly on any device.

Chartio Supports Amazon RDS PostgreSQL

At this year's AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon announced support for PostgreSQL. With that, Chartio is pleased to also announce its connection to Amazon RDS PostgreSQL. Read the blog post for full details.

AWS Re:Invent Is Here: Our Five Predictions

Chartio is attending our second AWS Re:Invent this year. With that, here are our five predictions for this year's AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. Read the blog post to read our predictions.

1 Year Since Launch = 500,000 Charts Per Week

A year after our public launch, users have made more than 500,000 charts per week. In this blog post, learn about our first year as Chartio.

Adding Global Filters to Query Mode Charts

We’re constantly working to improve Chartio. Read about our latest feature release: adding global filters which is a single interactive filter that can control common parameters for as many charts on a dashboard as you'd like.

New Table Functionality

We’re constantly working to improve Chartio. Read about our latest feature release: new table functionality.

Chartio and Codame at DataWeek

At DataWeek, join Dave Fowler, founder and CEO of Chartio, and a group of San Francisco startups to discuss the importance of understanding your data in your databases. Get the details in this blog post.

Farewell Intern Zach

We say farewell to our intern Zach as he returns back to MIT for the fall semester. Over the course of the summer Zach worked on CSV support.

Chartio Now Supports Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery

Today we are incredibly excited to announce Chartio support for both popular data warehouses Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. Read this blog post to learn more about the announcement.

Mozilla Visualizes Network Performance in Chartio

In this blog post, learn how Mozilla visualizes network performance in Chartio.

Chartio Takes Over The Big Apple

Chartio is going to New York City next week for GigaOm's Structure Data conferencc and sponsoring a Structure Data lunch. Join us!