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Advice from Growth Hacking Experts on Reaching Sustainable Growth

There's no silver bullet to growth. However, there are steps that companies can take to reach sustainable growth. Sustainable growth isn’t a new problem, but it’s still one of the biggest challenges anyone in the business of startups faces.

Sean Ellis, Jack Mardack and Riaan Ahmed have spent their careers solving the incredibly complex problem of achieving sustainable growth for various companies. 

I recently rounded up Sean, Jack and Riaan together for a Growth Hackers Data Coffee Hour and picked their brains on the secret to sustainable growth as they shared their growth stories. Continue reading as their dish out advice on how to reach sustainable growth. 

3 Steps to Prioritizing Data Requests

Last Saturday, a few of us from the Customer Success and Marketing teams spent our Saturday at San Francisco’s Measurecamp, a free data analytics unconference. We spent the day talking to a diverse group of data analysts, scientists and enthusiasts about all things data. 

As we spoke with attendees and sat in on round table discussions, we collected insights on how this community of data enthusiasts approach and solve the perpetual problem of prioritizing data requests. In this blog post, we share what we learned from the data community and how they prioritize data requests at their organizations.

Serving Up Data to Get Real-Time Sales Insights

With increasing competition and daily operations at stake, Good Food Guys is leveraging data to learn about their customers and make informed business decisions. Watch the video case study to learn how the company is serving up data to get real-time insights across 12 restuarant locations.

Finding Marketing ROI Through Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is useful, for every department across your organization, because it examines the cohort over a period of time and delivers unique insights. In this blog post, learn how marketers can apply cohort analysis as part of their analytics strategy.

Introducing The Six Dashboards Every Startup Needs White Paper

Dashboards have the ability to reach every aspect of the business because they’re powered with your company’s data, and help surface insights that help you answer questions and set goals. In our latest white paper, get the six dashboards that every startup needs to fuel growth. 

How Prezi and Udemy Organize Their Data Teams

The demand for data and data-driven decision makers is here to stay. In this blog post, learn from Data Analysts from Prezi and Udemy as they share heir best practices, their opinion on centralized versus decentralized data teams and their professional experience in working in the data world.

The 7 Types of Marketing Dashboards Every CMO Needs, Part 2

Today, Marketing is all about metrics. And the best way to continuously track metrics is through marketing dashboards.In part two of the 7 Types of Marketing Dashboards Every CMO Needs, we reveal the last four dashboards that you should be looking at. 

How Data Analysts at Prezi and Udemy Drive Growth

Learn how Data Analysts at Prezi and Udemy built out their data infrastructure and data governance, perform unique marketing analyses and leverage those insights to drive repeatable growth.

Get More Value Out of Your Data with the Right Recipe

 In this guest blog post, Astronomer’s Ben Gregory writes how you can leverage the power of Astronomer’s Activities and Recipes within Chartio to get the most value out of your data.

Astronomer is a data engineering platform that collects, processes and unifies your enterprise data, so you can get straight to analytics, data science and insights

The 7 Types of Marketing Dashboards Every CMO Needs, Part 1

Every great CMO has an arsenal of marketing dashboards at their disposal. If you're just starting to build out your fleet of dashboards, look no further than this blog post as we share seven must-have marketing dashboards. From social media, search engine optimization, marketing funnel and content marketing, learn how to create your dashboards. 

How to Design the Ultimate Marketing Dashboard

This is our third installment of our "CMO's Guide to Dashboards" blog series. In this blog post learn about the two most important aspects to designing the optimal performance marketing dashboard: audience and layout. 

How Data Drives Sales Operations

Last week, we co-hosted the SF Sales Operations Happy Hour with AlwaysHired, which included a panel discussion with leading Sales Operations professionals who discussed the importance of the role and its relationship with data. Continue reading as we share three key takeaways from the panel discussion. 

How to Leverage Data to Create an Organized Marketing Dashboard

With the average marketing team using 17 different technologies, it amounts to a lot of disparate data sources. As marketers realize that their data is an invaluable asset, they'll begin to create robust dashboards that leverage this data. 

In this blog post, learn how to leverage data to create an organized marketing dashboard. 

[White Paper] The Chief Marketing Officer’s Guide to Dashboards

Nearly one in five CMOs score themselves as below average in quantifying marketing ROI. As the buyer's journey becomes more complex and marketing is further seen as a cost center for companies, it's time to rethink analytics. 

CMOs today can no longer afford to fall behind in becoming data-driven and effectively attributing their performance to revenue. As capturing data becomes easier and technology evolves to ease marketing pain points in analytics, it's time to create marketing dashboards. 

In our latest white paper, we unpack the value of data and the power of analytics. Download your copy of The CMO's Guide to Dashboards now. 

You Need More Than Excel to Get Insights

Last week, Tomasz Tunguz wrote about The Unbundling Of Excel, which stated that “Excel became the tool for nearly everyone to get stuff done at work.” In this blog post, we examine the future of spreadsheets in today's world of data visualization and robust analytics tools. 

The Growth Hacker’s Guide to Metrics, Tools and Reads

Straight from the Growth Hacker Conference, learn which tools, blogs and metrics today's leading growth marketers simply cannot operate without.

Why Product Analytics is not just for the Product Team

It goes without saying that insights pulled from our own business data is a critical component to our livelihood, but so many of us just aren’t using it to its full advantage. If the future of modern business relies on being data-driven, let’s examine how product analytics can help shape the future of software companies. Because, product analytics shouldn't just be for the Product team. 

The Boy Scout Rule for Data

While data cleansing can be seen as a sore spot for many of us, it’s crucial to visualizing our data. In this blog post, learn how to apply the Boy Scout Rule for data when thinking about cleaning and maintaining your dataset.

Dashboards Explained: Operational, Strategic and Analytical

While data has been seen as an overly complicated entity, dashboards don’t have to be complicated. In this blog post we’ll unpack the differences between operational, strategic and analytical dashboards.

How Business Intelligence Aligns with Marketing Priorities

As Marketing moves into its crucial role as a data-driven machine, we need to find a solution that directly aligns with our priorities and initiatives. Marketing needs to add Business Intelligence to your tech stack and rely on the insights surfaced from the solution. In this blog post, we explain how BI helps in every stage of the marketing process.