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Business Intelligence

The Evaluation Plan for Self-Service Business Intelligence

We polled Business Intelligence buyers and found that you need to start the process by evaluating based on your business needs. Get a framework around the evaluation process and break the evaluation journey into a few steps.

The Business Benefits of Business Intelligence

Learn the business benefits of implementing a Self-Service Business Intelligence solution that enables everyone to explore data.

The Business Buyer’s Guide to Self-Service BI Solutions

The shift to modern BI platforms is here. This white paper will help you evaluate and implement a self-service Business Intelligence tool.

Changing Your Company’s BI Mindset to Achieve Success

For businesses to succeed, you need to put Business Intelligence in the hands of business users. Read our take as we discuss the 3 ways in which adopting Business Intelligence involves a company-wide mind shift.

The Only Three Churn Calculations You Need to Know

Customer churn is inevitable for SaaS businesses. Unchecked, customer churn can turn a thriving and high-growth SaaS business into a leaky bucket that's impossible to fill. Learn the three churn calculations to monitor.

How to Choose a BI Tool You're Going to Love

Choosing a business intelligence solution doesn't have to be hard. Ask yourself these ten questions to help choose a tool you'll love.

Understand Your Customer Lifetime Value and its Limitations

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is a simple way to estimate the value of each additional customer you acquire. Learn how to calculate Customer LTV, the variables that go into it, and the assumptions they make about your business.

Use Multi-Channel Attribution to Measure the Performance of Your Marketing Channels

Multi-Channel Attribution tracks every time a prospect interacts with a marketing channel and finally converts. This enables marketers to measure performance of channels. Learn how to build a Multi-Channel Attribution dashboard.

Measure Your Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy includes increasing search rankings and getting found by more. Learn how to measure your content strategy.

New Releases - Export Chart as SVG, Row Totals, CSV Reports

We're constantly working to improve Chartio. We're excited to announce improvements in CSV reports, exporting charts as SVGs and totals table setting.