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Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Lead? The Status of VC Funding

The fact that California, and especially the Bay Area, leads the U.S. in Venture Capital (VC) funding in all rounds isn’t new news.  But is this changing?  We took a look at all early VC funding rounds (Seed, Series A, and Series B) were also staying mostly in California or if other areas in the U.S. were starting to pull some of that funding away from the Golden State.

Off the Charts: An Interview with Kostas Pardalis of Blendo

In this Off the Charts, we spoke with Kostas Pardalis, CEO and co-founder of Blendo on the adventures of starting a company in Athens, Greece, finding the right talent to grow and building an ETL product for a global market.

Off the Charts: An Interview with Daniil Bratchenko of DataRobot

In this Off the Charts, we spoke with Daniil Bratchenko of DataRobot on the future of analytics, dashboard management, his career in data analytics and managing data governance across a growing company.

How to Optimize Amazon Redshift Performance

This post will take you through the most common issues Amazon Redshift users come across, and will give you advice on how to address each of those issues in relation to performance.

How to Choose the Right ETL Tool for Your Business

Before you can sync your Salesforce data with a data warehouse, you need to realize one thing: you need an ETL tool. In this blog post, we'll break down everything you need to know about evaluating an ETL tool.

Interleaved Sort Keys in Amazon Redshift, Part 1

An interleaved sort gives equal weight to each column, or subset of columns, in the sort key. Amazon Web Services has introduced interleaved sort keys for Amazon Redshift. Learn about the role of sort keys and compare how it works.

Roundtable: Amazon Redshift Best Practices for BI, Part 2

In part two of our panel discussion on Amazon Redshift best practices, our panelist spoke about schemas designs, tables and overall Amazon Redshift performance optimization. Read this blog post to learn more.

Off the Charts: Craig Kerstiens, Postgres Community Contributor and Heroku Ecosystem Product Manager

In this Off the Charts, we interviewed Craig Kerstiens, a popular contributor to the Postgres community and the mnager of the Ecosystem group at Heroku.

Roundtable: Amazon Redshift Best Practices for BI, Part 1

In this blog post, watch our panel discussion on Amazon Redshift best practices with speakers from Amazon Web Services, Clever, Chartio and Lumosity. Get Amazon Redshift performance optimization and ETL best practices.

This Will Change the Way You Think about Planning for BI

In the last 5 years, technologies have matured, so that it's now possible to deliver business intelligence faster with more control by users. Learn about how to use the waterfall decision-making method to Business Intelligence planning.