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Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Lead? How VC Investment of $102 Billion Is Spread Among 18,000 Companies and all 50 States

The fact that California, and especially the Bay Area, leads the U.S. in Venture Capital (VC) funding in all rounds isn’t new news.  But is this changing?  We took a look at all early VC funding rounds (Seed, Series A, and Series B) were also staying mostly in California or if other areas in the U.S. were starting to pull some of that funding away from the Golden State.

Why Product Analytics is not just for the Product Team

If the future of modern business relies on being data-driven, let’s examine how product analytics can help shape the future of software companies. Because, product analytics shouldn't just be for the Product team.

A Checklist for Selecting a Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution

In this blog post, we’ll highlight a list of high-performing and leading vendors as analyzed by G2 Crowd reviews in their bi-annual report on the state of self-service Business Intelligence. Get your checklist in this blog post.

[Infographic] How to Evaluate a Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution

Ever wondered what are the stages of the Business Intelligence buyer's journey and key activities within each stage? Here is an infographic version of the buyer's journey that visualizes each step of the process.

The Evaluation Action Plan for Self-Service Business Intelligence

We polled Business Intelligence buyers and found that you need to start the process by evaluating based on your business needs. Get a framework around the evaluation process and break the evaluation journey into a few steps.

The Business Benefits of Business Intelligence

Business leaders believe data will change the way they do business. Learn the business benefits of implementing a Self-Service Business Intelligence solution that enables everyone, from an analyst to a business user, to explore data.

[White Paper] The Business Buyer’s Guide to Self-Service Business Intelligence

Gartner predicts that most workers will have access to self-service tools for analysis as they shift to deploying modern BI platforms. This white paper will help you evaluate and implement a self-service Business Intelligence tool.