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Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Lead? The Status of VC Funding

Is the distribution of Venture Capital funding across the U.S. changing? We take a look at early VC funding rounds and where they are located.

Will 2018 Be a Good Year to Raise Funds?

Some historical trends tend to indicate whether or not there is VC funding money out there to be won. we dug into the data to determine whether or not the S&P and other market indicators are correlated to funding availability.

Your SaaStr Survival Guide

We've scoured the schedule for the best SaaStr events and dedicated many nights and mornings taste testing food and sipping coffee nearby the conference venue. Check out our picks for sessions, restaurants, cafes and events.

Buffalo Winter Weather: is it Really That Cold?

Is it really that cold in Buffalo, New York? In this blog post, our Data Evangelist put that question to the test with the help of some data.

The Gap Between Household Incomes and the Cost of a Home

Is the price of purchasing a home in the United States skyrocketing? We dug through the median income and home cost data to find out if this trends was true or false, broken down by state. Read what we uncovered from the data.

Distance Running and its Closing Gender Gap

In this blog post, we examine whether or not there is a closing gender gap in the world of distance running. Continue reading as we delve deeper into this question and provide answers by way of data analysis.

Fire and Rain: How Rain Impacted the NorCal Wildfires

The 2017 Fire Season in Northern California was one of the most costly and deadly on record. 2017 ranks as the most deadly, and is among the most costly in terms of Structures and Acreage Destroyed. We've visualized the data.

The Power and Cost of Hurricanes

September 2017 was the most active month for Atlantic Hurricanes. These hurricanes were large and ran through the US and the Caribbean Islands. We've visualized the data to show the magnitude and destruction of these hurricanes.

Before You Quit Your Job to Become a Developer, Read This

Before you quit your job to become a developer, go down this 6-point checklist. Our Chartio engineer Jess, details how she left her job at YouTube to spend six days a week, 11 hours a day, writing code. Read her story.

Off the Charts: Tony Barbagallo, VP of Marketing at ClustrixDB

In this Off the Charts, we interviewed Tony Barbagallo, Vice President of Marketing at ClustrixDB and talked about databases. ClustrixDB is a real-time scalable database that's ideal for analytical uses when used with Chartio.

2014 Predictions for Business Intelligence

We examine five predictions for Business Intelligence for the upcoming 2014 year. Continue reading to learn about what's in store for BI.

AWS Re:Invent Is Here: Our Five Predictions

Chartio is attending our second AWS Re:Invent this year. With that, here are our five predictions for this year's AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. Read the blog post to read our predictions.

Put A Fork in Big Data

Big data is a much-exploited term. It is now little more than jargon, and is often misunderstood and ill-applied. It's time to move on.

Information Dashboard Design (2nd Edition)

If you're looking to learn dashboard design best practices, look no further than Stephen Few's Information Dashboard Design book. Read our review.

The State of SQL Education

Data science, once a task only for engineers, is popping up in a large variety of jobs. As Data Science is on the rise as a career path, we uncover the correlation with SQL growth and education. Learn about the state of SQL.

The Cloud Busts Up The Business Intelligence Space

Cloud-based Business Intelligence solutions are on the rise and bursting into the traditional BI market. Read more about the Cloud BI space.

The Rise of the Data Science Course

Data Scientists is one of the fastest growing roles in recent history. Companies are eager to extract value from their data. With the rise of Data Science, many universities are creating curriculum to empower students with data.

Learning About Rackspace Cloud Databases

Chartio participated in a Rackspace webinar titled "Supercharge Your MySQL Application Performance with Cloud Databases." Learn how to supercharge your MySQL application performance with cloud databases.

10 Reasons Not To Build Your Own Dashboards From Scratch

As a business, don't spend your time building inhouse dashboards. In this blog post, we examine the ten pitfalls of building your own reporting dashboards from scratch. Learn how to build dashboards in Chartio.

Big Data Startup Day Meet Up

Join Chartio in the 2013 Big Data Startup Day Meet Up within the Data Visualization Summit. We'll be joined by Twitter, Pinterest and Zipfian Academy.