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Chartio Best Practice: User and Team Management

User management in Chartio becomes increasingly important as the number of users grows in your Chartio account. Find out our best practices for team and user management.

Chartio Best Practice: Foreign Keys in Chartio

Foreign keys are the way to use two different tables from the same schema, together. This post will highlight the three ways to use foreign keys in Chartio. This can be done in the schema page of your data source’s settings, setting foreign keys in Visual SQL, or using columns in our data pipeline to join between datasets.

Chartio Best Practice: Dashboard Management

As the number of your users and dashboards grows in Chartio, there are a few best practices that will help with the management of your Chartio account; both from a user and from a dashboard perspective. This is a brief overview of what great practices to follow.

Chartio Best Practice: How to Optimize Dashboard Performance

We hate it when our customers are facing slow loading dashboards. This can happen from a variety of reasons, but regardless, no one likes to wait for their charts to load or see errors on their dashboards. This post will walk through some best practices in Chartio that will help you make sure you’re set up for great performance.