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Chartio Receives Top Awards in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2018 Indexes for Self-Service Business Intelligence

We are excited to announce that Chartio has been ranked #1 in all four G2 Crowd indices in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2018 Index Reports for Self-Service Business Intelligence. G2 Crowd is the leading business intelligence software review platform, where you can put the leading Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) tools in a head to head comparison.

Big Improvements for Google BigQuery Analytics with Chartio

Many of our customers use BigQuery as their data warehouse. Google’s BigQuery is an excellent option for many companies because it requires no infrastructure to manage, can store petabytes of data, and uses SQL as its query language. It also works great with Chartio! Here are some of our latest features and support for BigQuery in our Chartio product.

Becoming Data-Driven with Self-Serve Analytics at

Learn how has streamlined their data stack and enabled actionable analytics resulting in 30x time savings.

Introducing Alerts

Want to stay updated on important metrics and charts without having to check in on your dashboards all the time? Enter Alerts! We are very excited to announce the launch of our new alerting feature giving you the ability to stay up-to-date without being taken away from your most important daily tasks.

Udemy is Mastering the Shift to On-Demand Data Platforms

In the last five years, we’ve seen a big change in the way companies are using data. It’s a shift from information silos, where data is stuck within disparate applications, to a world of on-demand data services. In that new world, everyone has access to the insights they need, based on a common data set.

Chartio + Tray: How Apollo broadens accessibility and visibility of key metrics

Apollo, the GraphQL company, offers a family of open-source technologies that provide mission-critical infrastructure for leading startups and enterprises such as The New York Times, Ticketmaster, and AirBnB. In this post, Andrew Park from explains how Apollo uses their data stack -, Segment, Amazon Redshift and Chartio - to take complex pools of data and use them to create insightful visualizations that offer immediate, actionable insights.

Off The Charts: An interview with Utah Jazz’s Analyst, Cory Jez

From Fantasy Sports to analytics on the court, we sat down with Cory Jez, Coordinator, Basketball Analytics at the Utah Jazz to chat about his career in data. In this interview you’ll learn about his career path to finding his dream job and how he helps keep the team competitive by using data to get the entire organization closer to their North Star Metric: winning the NBA championship.

April's 2018 Product Update

This month will be the start of a new tradition where we share with you a more intimate look into our product momentum. In this blog post not only do we share the latest features released for the month but we also discuss why we chose to build them. Continue reading to see some of the exciting features we launched in April.

Off The Charts: Data Evangelism at Panoply with Jason Harris

In this Off the Charts, we spoke with Jason Harris, Data Evangelist at Panoply, about what it means to be a data evangelist, what the main responsibilities and challenges of the role are and what tips can help someone get an evangelist role. 

Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Lead? The Status of VC Funding

The fact that California, and especially the Bay Area, leads the U.S. in Venture Capital (VC) funding in all rounds isn’t new news.  But is this changing?  We took a look at all early VC funding rounds (Seed, Series A, and Series B) were also staying mostly in California or if other areas in the U.S. were starting to pull some of that funding away from the Golden State.

Off the Charts: An Interview with Kostas Pardalis of Blendo

In this Off the Charts, we spoke with Kostas Pardalis, CEO and co-founder of Blendo on the adventures of starting a company in Athens, Greece, finding the right talent to grow and building an ETL product for a global market.

Why I Wrote Yet Another SQL Tutorial

If you haven’t yet learned SQL, know someone who’s learning, or want to brush up in our practice areas, check out the new SQL Tutorial.

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Data Warehouse

In this article, you’ll find out what exactly a data warehouse is, information on data warehouse architecture, and most importantly, tips on how to select the right data warehouse for your company.

What 90,000 Dashboards Tell Us About Dashboard Creation

We analyzed 916,000 charts on 90,000 dashboards, and the findings showed interesting take-aways on dashboard creation, dashboard popularity and viewership. Continue reading to learn the insights we found after analyzing the data.

Chartio Achieves Fastest Implementation in G2 Crowd’s Winter 2018 Implementation Index

We are excited to announce that we were awarded “Fastest Implementation” in G2 Crowd’s Winter 2018 Implementation Index for Self-Service Business Intelligence. Read more about what this award means for us and our customers.

Building a Data Stack: Amazon Athena + Chartio

We are excited to announce that Chartio supports Amazon Athena, an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Read more about the integration announcement in this blog post.

Customer Awards and State of the Chartio

In the past couple of years we’ve hit significant milestones in our journey to JOIN people ON data. We envision a future where anyone can explore their data. Read more about the State of Chartio and what customer reviews mean to us.

Will 2018 Be a Good Year to Raise Funds?

Some historical trends tend to indicate whether or not there is VC funding money out there to be won. we dug into the data to determine whether or not the S&P and other market indicators are correlated to funding availability.

Your SaaStr Survival Guide

We've scoured the schedule for the best SaaStr events and dedicated many nights and mornings taste testing food and sipping coffee nearby the conference venue. Check out our picks for sessions, restaurants, cafes and events.

The Importance of Usability for Business Intelligence Platforms

Usability is paramount to user adoption and can signal the difference between invaluable insights and zero visibility. Learn what the data from G2 Crowd’s Usability Index says about Business Intelligence platforms.