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Off the Charts: An Interview with Daniil Bratchenko of DataRobot

In this Off the Charts, we spoke with Daniil Bratchenko of DataRobot on the future of analytics, dashboard management, his career in data analytics and managing data governance across a growing company.

The Disparity Between Median Household Incomes and the Cost of Buying a Home

Housing Prices are skyrocketing! Heard that one before? Yeah, me too.

So I went to the internet to find data on the cost of housing in the United States broken down by state and then found a source that gave me information on the average cost of a home in those states as well.

GDPR Statement

On May 25th, 2018, The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will go into effect. This regulation enhances the data privacy protections for European Union citizens and is a mandatory requirement for any company with access to personal data of EU citizens. Chartio is both a controller and processor in the context of GPDR with many customers in the EU - meaning we are actively working on GDPR preparations.

Distance Running and its Closing Gender Gap

Taking a closer look at the NYC and Boston Marathons you will see a trend that is very interesting. These two races gather the most elite of elite marathon runners in the world on both sides of this gender gap, whereas the smaller races like in Casper, or Albuquerque, or Marshall do not necessarily gain the attention of the world’s elite. It looks like the gap between men and women is narrowing.

Traditional BI Buzzwords for Modern Data Teams

Business Intelligence is an incredibly jargon filled industry. After seven years of being in this industry, I believe I've heard most of them. Now I'm sharing a curated version of my list and definitions with you to help modern data team understand traditional concepts and help traditional BI users understand the modern take on these concepts.

Our BART Ads and The Power of Informed Decision Making

In September, we ran 10 different Ads that lined the entire Montgomery BART platform. Now, read about how all that data came together and how it helped one tourist couple plan out their entire day visiting San Francisco.

Panoply, Stitch and Chartio Partner to Offer the World’s First Automatic Cloud Data Stack

Panoply, Stitch and Chartio today announced the availability of the world’s first Automatic Cloud Data Stack. The combined offering enables data analysts and business users to connect to disparate cloud applications and databases and gain business insight by visualizing their data.

Fire and Rain: How Rain Impacted the NorCal Wildfires

The 2017 Fire Season in Northern California was one of the most costly and deadly on record. When ranked against the yearly totals for the last 14 years, 2017 ranks as the most deadly, and is among the most costly in terms of Structures and Acreage Destroyed. We've visualized the data.

How Operations Builds Rocket Ship SaaS Companies

Operations has quickly become one of the most sought-after roles for growing companies. Learn the role of Operations plays in building and maintaining SaaS rocket ship companies from delivering metrics, balancing strategy versus tactics and working as a centralized Operations team across a larger organization.

Normal Distributions and Their Abnormal Occurrence

If a collection of data is normally distributed we’ll see the results show very nice and neat on a bell curve, and that bell curve won’t require any manipulation of data. The fact of the matter is, and this might be hard to hear, normal is rare. Almost no randomly arrayed statistic is normally distributed. Shockingly, normal is weird.

Read more to find out how a bell curve and a real curve compare.

Taking over the BART: Why and how we ran a metro advertising campaign in San Francisco

In September 2017, Chartio took over the Montgomery BART station with an advertisement campaign. Entering into the world of metro advertising wasn't easy. We couldn't just read a report and know exactly what to do and measure.

We were skeptical, cautious and excited. To say the least, we learned a lot, and now we're sharing those learnings with you.

How Analytics Drives the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are pioneers in using technology in basketball. As the keynote discussion during Ops-Stars, Kirk Lacob of the Golden State Warriors pulled the curtain behind the team’s use of technology, analytics and data science to win.

Continue reading as we recap the session with Kirk and Mark Emmons from LeanData.

Grouping with a Case Statement

Using GROUP BY allows you to group columns to run specific SQL queries like aggregating data into a SUM, AVG or COUNT. With that, know which of the columns you want to GROUP BY and how you want to group them is important.

Continue reading our Data Tutorial as we walk you through how to use a CASE STATEMENT to GROUP a column with an alias or new string.

Pivoting a Table with Amazon Redshift or PostgreSQL

Changing the makeup of a relational table and summarizing it is the basic definition of a pivot table. Most people know pivot tables as an operation in Excel, but you can also create powerful pivot tables just as easily by writing SQL in a data analytics tool.

Continue reading our Data Tutorial on How to Pivot a Table with Amazon Redshift or PostgreSQL.

How to Create a Social Media Dashboard

A Social Media dashboard enables you to measure your company’s social activities from Twitter engagement, Facebook comments to LinkedIn shares. With a dashboard, you can understand what’s working and what isn’t, and proactively work to optimize each social channel.

Continue reading as we walk you through how to create a Social Media dashboard that quantifies ROI.

How To Calculate Annual Recurring Revenue with Salesforce Data

Annual Recurring Revenue, or ARR, is an insightful metric for B2B SaaS businesses to track the total dollar amount that comes in every year for the duration of a customer’s annual contract. No matter the size of your company or industry, ARR is a universal metric that gives businesses the most insight about the success of their business.

Continue reading to learn how to use your Salesforce data in Chartio to calculate ARR in two simple steps.

Hi, I’m Your Data Evangelist

Hi, my name is Tim and I am your new Data Evangelist. For the past year and a half I’ve worked as a Customer Success Engineer. It is more than possible that I helped you through one of your tickets, helped you build a dashboard or trained you during one of our customer webinars or on-site visits. If none of that rings true, then you’ll simply know my henceforth as your Data Evangelist. 

How to Track First Touch Marketing Attribution with Hubspot Data

Marketing attribution continues to be a hot topic of conversation for marketing teams, no matter the industry or size of the organization. As marketers are beginning to leverage data and dive into the analytics of their marketing campaigns, it has become apparent that marketing attribution is still a hurdle for many of us.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to track first touch marketing attribution with Hubspot data in Chartio. In implementing, a first touch attribution model, you’ll be able to iterate on campaigns, content and messaging faster and earlier on.

The Power and Cost of Hurricanes

According to, September 2017 was the most active month on record for Atlantic Hurricanes. These hurricanes were large, dangerous and deadly and ran through the United States and the Caribbean Islands, leaving vast destruction and death in their wakes. We've visualized the data to show just how magnitude and destruction of these hurricanes. 

The Importance of Practicing Good Data Hygiene with Your Visualization Tool

Practicing good data hygiene is crucial. Not only for data teams, but for every aspect of the business. Good data hygiene is like washing your hands. I’ll explain it all in this blog post and provide best practices on how to implement good data hygiene at your organization.