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Off the Charts: Craig Kerstiens, Postgres Community Contributor and Heroku Ecosystem Product Manager

Craig Kerstiens runs the Ecosystem group at Heroku which comprises their add-ons marketplace, core languages and API. He’s a well-known content contributor to the Postgres community. Craig’s originally from Alabama, so just ask him about BBQ, but has been a Bay Area resident for nine years. Chartio's AJ Welch interviewed Craig for Off the Charts.

Amazon Redshift Best Practices for Business Intelligence, Part 1

Earlier this month, Chartio hosted a roundtable on best practices for Amazon Redshift.  Since many of our customers store their data on Redshift, we wanted to bring together a panel of people with expertise in using Redshift for business intelligence applications. We were able to assemble a great team of panelists from AWS, Clever, and Lumosity who were able to give in-depth answers to our questions on Redshift best practices. 

Chartio's Net Promoter Score Best Practices

We asked ourselves, 'What's the best way to measure how happy your customers are?' and investigated what other companies are doing. After some investigation, we settled on using a Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction and explored more on NPS best practices.